Projects by Aqweeva

Virtual Reward Card, Gift Card, & Loyalty Card Software System

NetGCS System for Windows

Will completely support Traditional Customized Plastic Gift Cards. NetGCS for Windows will have many of the features as our NetGCS cloud based site. You will own and be responsible for all your customers Loyalty Points and Gift Card data. It will be a good fit for smaller businesses with just one store / location.

As a Merchant you will have the option to connect to our NetGCS cloud service where all your customers data will be stored or switch it over to your own server for your customers data storage.

It's important to understand that if it's not web based like ( then it only make sense that you would not want this product if you have more than one location or there is potential for having multiple locations in the future of our business. With (, cloud based) software application site, your customers will be able to use their cards at any of your locations no matter where they are located.

We know that many of our existing loyal customers who purchased legacy gift card software, like AGCS for Windows will absolutely enjoy this new upgrade with a more feature rich experience.

We predict this new product to be available by mid 2020. Additional details will be posted here as they become availble.