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Gift, Reward & Punch Point - Web Based System

NETGCS System Completely Supports Traditional Customized Plastic Gift Cards. The only catch here is that your Card Printer company will need to contact us for a batch of unique card numbers. No problem, Simply give them our contact information and we will handle the rest so they can promptly get your new plastic gift cards printed and delivered to you.

NETGCS System Completely Supports Gift, Reward and Punch Points without requiring plastic cards. A lot of our customers simply use their customers phone number, same as big name stores like Lowes, Safeway, Walgreens, etc.

NETGCS System will Completely Support Virutal Cards with our new Mobile app, Coming Soon!

Optional - (If you still wish to use plastic gift cards, No Problem!)
* Magstripe card reader - USB Port (Plug & Play)
* Barcode scanner (Many different models on the market today to choose from)

* Contact Us for questions or concerns about purchasing accessories Contact Us

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