About Aqweeva®

Aqweeva is a Web Development, Software Engineering, Consulting, Solutions and Services provider. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Seattle WA area, Aqweeva has several technical, sales and marketing experts, who specialize in their trade and possess great passion for technology. Aqweeva is now focusing on using emerging, disruptive technologies, like cloud, mobility, big data and analytics, to provide powerful solutions and products for new and existing clients.

Founded in September 1996, Aqweeva, LLC is based in Seattle, WA. In 1997 the company launched its first product EzOutBoard, an application for businesses to determine whether an individual is currently present or absent from a business.
In 2002 Aqweeva launched a new software Gift Card System later evolving into a web based Gift & Loyalty Card System. With todays modern more powerful technologies Aqweeva has rebuilt netgcs.net from the ground up where it will live in the cloud as netgcs.com. We thrive on architecting, designing and developing powerful complex web based systems and will continue our legacy in supporting small to medium sized businesses with technologies to help them to thrive and grow in todays market.

Exclusive New Services Secured by Aqweeva®

Cloud based Gift, Reward, Loyalty & Punch Point Virtual Card Systems.
Certainly our customers still have the option to use traditional plastic gift cards with our new system.
We also know business owners and their customers will enjoy using the new site and cell app.