Company History

Founded: September 1996
Location: Seattle Washington

Aqweeva® was founded as a small startup in Seattle. We first developed a software program Checkout later becoming EzOutBoard that allowed all employees to sign out from their office so that the Receptionist could conveniently know which employees are out, where they are and when their expected to return.

The ultimate next project plan was to develop and implement a Building Directory system where a large screen display would be located in the lobby of office buildings. It would show information about the building such as each tenant, what floor(s) their on, etc. this was short lived as the technology was just not quite there yet.

We went on to develop Virtual Sign In (VSI) and later a Windows based Gift Card System (AGCS)

Due to the success of AGCS at the time, We quickly developed a web based version, NetGCS ( This product is still in production today and being used by many of our loyal customers in the U.S. Aqweeva pushed forward and went on to explore other software systems.

In 2016 we decided our NetGCS product is not only worth continued support but to be rebuilt from the ground up with all the latest technologies and security practices. We not only poured resources into a much better system but also architected the system for major scalability, including the addition of a complimentary cell phone app, coming soon.

The company is now poised to move into the small to medium sized business market. With the new cell phone app it will not only be benefiting businesses but also the card holders. Card holders will greatly benefit and enjoy the luxury of having their plastic customized gift card representation connected to a given Merchant as a virtual card and securely access them on their mobile phone. This is exactly the same as having a plastic gift card but instead it’s virtually displayed on the card holders mobile phone via an image.

Card holders can consider this scenario: 1. You own a $50 plastic gift card and you loose it, well.. it's gone. 2. You own a $50 dollar bill (cash) and you loose it, it's gone. 3. You have a $50 dollar NetGCS gift card, you loose your phone, your $50 card is not lost.